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  • 7/22 Updated existing character entries with character-specific info
  • 7/22 Added to Wiki Babduat
  • 7/20 Added to Wiki City-State: Elwynn
  • 7/13 Added to Wiki Region: Mirian Basin Overview
  • 7/13 Added Mirian Timeline to Wiki and Maps pages
  • 7/13 Additional info added for Manannan MacLir under Religions
  • 7/12 Added entry in wiki – Religions for Shalana Arroy – Goddess of Healing
  • 7/8 Added character placeholder entries for known PCs
  • 7/7 Created forum entry on my availability dates (summer hibernation)
  • 7/1 Created Wiki Pages
  • 6/29 Created Campaign page

Miria 5e

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