Inspiration Points

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Basic Inspiration Rules:

  • Inspiration Pool: Each character collect up to a maximum of 3 inspiration points. If you have Inspiration, you can spend it at any time to take an Inspired Action provided that action somehow ties into one of your character’s personal characteristics. If your Ideal is “I will do anything to save a person in danger,” and you want to swing across a ravine on a vine to rescue someone who is about fall into the ravine and hanging by one hand, that fits. You can claim an Inspired Action.

  • Action Cost: Inspiration may be spent at any time as a free action.

  • Area of Effect: Unless otherwise noted in the table below, inspiration may only be spent on you or your allies

  • Caveat Emptor – Inspiration Tax: – An inspiration tax means you pay up a certain amount of inspiration with no benefitting result. You may be taxed inspiration for acts that go against the fundamental nature of your character’s personality profile, for making bad decisions, for taking actions that deliberately slow down or hinder the game session or effect other’s fun, and for extended rules lawyering.

Inspiration points are earned by:

When you don’t have Inspiration, you can Claim a Setback to gain Inspiration. To Claim a Setback you must either impose disadvantage on one of your own ability checks, saving throws, or attack rolls or make a decision that creates a significant story setback, obstacle, or hindrance based on one of your Personal Characteristics. When you want to Claim a Setback, simply ask the GM.

For example: “I’m easily distracted by shiny objects, so I’m distracted by the giant pile of treasure. Can I Claim a Setback and take disadvantage on my saving throw against the dragon’s fire breath?” Or: “This guy wants to help us, but I distrust all strangers. I’m going to be rude and accusatory of him. Can I Claim a Setback for that?” And then the GM might have the stranger refuse to help or get offended or start a fight. Whatever.

After you Claim a Setback, you get Inspiration. You can use the Inspiration to take an Inspired Action. And on and on it goes.

Other VERY RARE ways to earn Inspiration points (rare because I have to remember):
  • Good role playing – playing your character in a way that is true to their personality traits, ideal, bond, flaw, class, race, values, etc.
  • Truly heroic acts – Noble sacrifice by placing yourself at true risk to save someone else. Risk doesn’t mean “I jump in front of the kobold dagger to save the farmer” as a d4-1 would hardly put your character in “danger”. It would be more along the lines of “I leap in the way and push my comrade back and take the full brunt of the Bullette’s attack on myself even though I have less than 10 hit points”. Self-sacrifice doesn’t have to kill your character – it is the intent that matters.
  • True acts of virtue – Charity, compassion, love, justice, sacrifice, honor, spirituality, humility, honesty, etc. – all at my discretion – this is a good campaign after all. You will not be rewarded for evil, avaricious (or even morally ambiguous) decisions – in fact you may even be taxed for these (see bullet 4 under basic rules).
  • DM compels – I’ll negotiate these with you in game
Cost Effect Examples
1 May be spent to before the roll, to grant a character advantage to their next d20 roll
Vanilla mode – self explanatory
1 May be spent to reroll 1 roll of the dice. You must roll all the dice in the set and you must take the result of the second roll – regardless of results
* reroll your 5d6 fireball damage

* roll a 1 on a d20 save? Reroll it
May be spent to add a minor plausible element to the story. Keyword here is “plausible”
* “I forgot that I happen to have a spare 50’ of rope stuffed into the bottom of my backpack.”

* “Good thing I packed that spare set of thieves tools!”

* “Since I am from Elwynn, the Duchess’ stable boy used to be a close boyhood friend of mine and will happily escort me on to her grounds past her guards”
1 You gain an extra action Any single action
1 You may regain a single use of an ability that normally can be used after a short rest Any short rest ability
1 You may spend a Hit Die as a bonus action. You must have a Hit Die available to use this ability and it counts against your normal number of uses .
1 You may take your action immediately, changing your place in initiative order
2 May spend to succeed on a single D20 roll for their character. Character will succeed with minimum die roll value required. If minimum is a 20 – it does not count as a critical success.
* “dragon breathes, I really really want to save”

* “I really have to succeed on this swing, it can mean the difference between life and death for our party!”
May be spent to add a minor implausible element to the story. Implausible is powerful – the keyword here is “minor”.
* “I mix these two potions of healing and by divine serendipity and a stroke of luck they end up making a potion of greater healing!”

* “when I walk past the king’s treasurer, I happened to bump into him and the key to the treasury fell on the floor without him noticing!”
2 DM discretion
Tell me how you want to affect the story – what you want to do, I’ll tell you if it costs 2 Inspiration Point before you spend it. You may cancel before handing the chips over
3 May be spent to define a numerically valid value for a single roll * I really need a crit right now

* I want to max out this fireball

* I must roll a 100

3 May be spent to add a moderately implausible element to the story

* “Not only does the monster’s killing blow not strike you, you are able to deftly dodge to the side and can either: gain advantage on your next attack, or as a free action may quaff a potion from your backpack as it miraculously falls into your hand while you somersault!”

* ”You succeed on your bluff check against the Balrog so he doesn’t want to kill the party. In ADDITION, you are also able to convince him to offer you a boon because he believes you have the favor of Baphomet”

3 DM discretion Tell me how you want to affect the story – what you want to do, I’ll tell you if it costs 3 Inspiration Point before you spend it. You may cancel before handing the chips over

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Inspiration Points

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