Elwynn is often referred to as the Jewel of the Mirian Basin. It is a grand metropolis with a population in excess of 88,000. While predominantly human, all humanoid (and some non-humanoid) races live and work in Elwynn. All City-States as well as foreign powers have Embassies in this unofficial “capital” of Miria.

Elwynn is seen as the power center partly due to the fact that it hosts the paramount chapterhouses of all the mercantile organizations as well as a major cathedral for each of the predominant religions of Miria. This thriving metropolis is centrally located and built on the shores of the massive Lake Silvermere.

Unknown to most, Elwynn is also home to the central organizational Chapterhouses for the thieves guild – The League of Furtive Talented Regulars – LFTR’s (Lifters) as they refer to themselves. It is also home to the Mirian basin offices called “Malaja Al’Shaqiq” or “Refuge of the Brotherhood”. Little is known of this shadowy secret organization aside from being a very widespread brotherhood of assassins who hold a monopoly on this profession. Their main chapterhouse is rumored to be somewhere in the Kaelinde Desert.

Most of the money flowing into and out of Elwynn is based on commerce and trade. While Elwynn does produce a good amount of local resources in the way of fish, freshwater crabs and lakeweed from the Silvermere lake, the bulk of it’s locally produced exports come in the way of artwork and literature.


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