Illian (Corey)

Human Cleric of Nature



DEX 14
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 16
CHA 10

HP 17
AC 18


Animal Handling (+5)
Medicine (+5)
Nature (+3)
Perception (+5)
Religion (+3)
Survival (+5)


Polearm Master (Quarter Staff)


  • Dwarvish
  • Elvish
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma


When Illian was young, before her naming (around 13yo), her tribe was raided and attacked by a prominent slaver. Illian’s tribe was not prepared for this as they were on empire protected lands – under providence of Pharaoh. They were protected, yet this renegade slaver had the audacity to take his own land’s people for profit. The men and women of her tribe were slain, or had their tongues removed. Those that were found to have the ability to read and write were slain outright. As far as Illian knows, the survivors (including her mother) were taken and sold into slavery somewhere in the empire.

Illian survived only because her mother forced Illian to hide during the raid, and sometime during her concealment one of her tribesmen swung a club at an attacker, the club broke and a sizeable chunk of it hit Illian in the head, causing her to black out.

Illian awoke amidst the smoking ruins of her tribe’s bedouin tents. Striking out on her own, Illian attempted to follow the tracks as best she could, but wind the blows and the sands shift. Illian lost the trail and was stranded in the desert. She learned to live off the land, gather herbs, and subsist. During this time, Illian felt the tug of nature and recited the old chants Her mother taught her as a child. Surprisingly, on day Her chants were answered and Illian began to discover the gods of nature

Illian lived off the land in solitude not far from Qaseir. She became familiar with all merchant and slave ships that passed through the area over the years until she finally found the slaver that raided her village. Illian’s plan was to slip aboard his ship and find out where he took her mother, but her mission took a different turn. During her search of the ship she came upon slaves and felt compelled to release them. Out of fear, one of these slaves ran back to their captors and reported what happened. Illian was soon found, beaten, and taken captive as a slave herself and later sold as a servant.

Current Master:

Illian’s master Ptahsepses Chafulumisa is a 50 year old man, small in stature and musculature. He has a long nose and his black eyes constantly shift about as if with nervous energy. He is losing his hair and is almost never seen without a thick lustrous wig done up in the latest courtly styles and liberally smeared with perfumed lard so that no hair can be seen out of place. Unfortunately the melting lard gives his skin a greasy look and he has problems with acne as a result. When out of earshot, he is often referred to as “Al’aqlaq” (the ferret).

Ptahsepses somehow worked his way up in the small temple dedicated to Apep, the goddess of chaos, destruction and dark. While this temple holds no services and can claim few overt dedicants, many come in secret to pay tribute when they wish ill upon a rival – thus her temple sees steady business. Unfortunately Ptahsepses’ inner traits mirror his physical exterior. He is self-serving, lies often (sometimes just for fun), and is vain and boastful. One thing he is known for however, is his sense of “justice”. He insists he will not call down the wrath of Apep frivolously and must know the full scope of a petition (which incidentally gives him access to many secrets), before he will invoke the power of his Goddess. He is a hypocritical man and like all priests, is well versed in law. When the tribute is generous enough, he can always find a way to justify the dread power of Apep be summoned.


I can name over fifty types of leathal plants. I also carry common antidotes for poisons like the one I just put in your meal.


Others often see me a weak due to my small stature. However, they greatly underestimate my cunning.


I have learned the hard way, the natural order of the world. There may be no honor in protecting the weak, but it is the right thing to do.


The only thing that drives me forward is the hope that my mother is still alive. I will find her and make her captives pay for what they have done.


People will always act in their own best interest at the expense of others. Nothing is given freely. I trust no one before considering the cost.

Illian (Corey)

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