Endarial (John)

Elven Bladesinger

STR: 8
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 16
WIS: 12
CHA: 8
  • Acrobatics + 5
  • Animal Handling +1
  • Arcana + 3
  • Athletics -1
  • Deception -1
  • History +3
  • Insight +3
  • Intimidation -1
  • Investigation +5
  • Medicine +1
  • Nature +3
  • Perception +3
  • Performance +1
  • Persuasion -1
  • Religion +3
  • Sleight of Hand +3
  • Stealth +3
  • Survival +1
  • None
  • Common
  • Elf
  • Draconic
  • Strength -1
  • Dexterity +3
  • Constitution +2
  • Intelligence +5
  • Wisdom +3
  • Charisma -1

5’ 10", 122 lbs. Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, very pale skin. Slight of frame.

Personality Trait: Humor – I have a sick sense of humor.
Personality Trait: Stare down – I can stare down the greatest threat without flinching.
Ideal: People – When i perform there is only one thing that matters and that is the smile of the faces of the people watching. (Neutral)
Bond: Famous – I have one goal, to be famous, and I will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
Flaw: Feelings – My sharp tongue often lands me in trouble as I tend to speak my mind.

Background Traits: Spectacular Combat, Storyteller, Tumbler


Endarial spent much of his youth as a haughty noble in the High Elvish province of xxxxxxx. Never really one to soil his hands, his body showed it. His thin, lean body was not one to become a warrior among his kind. Instead, he was accepted into the Bladesingers at the young age of 30, due to his intelligence and graceful manner. He excelled among the ranks of the bladesingers in fighting prowess, but unfortunately, his ego and haughty manner held him back from ever being promoted within their ranks. Never to be one who tries to follow the pack in the Order of the Red Tigers, he uses an Elven thin blade (rapier) instead of their known for weapon, the scimitar.

During one of his risky assignments in the south (after his mouth dug a hole he couldn’t climb out of), he was captured and made a slave.

Once his masters became aware of his fighting ability, they entered him in the gladiatorial games. Often underestimated due to his thin, wiry frame, most of his opponents figure him an easy kill. His masters loved this often getting the combat cryers to exaggerate his frailty in order to get the upper hand in many wagers. Once he is in the zone of his bladesong, he is almost untouchable allowing him to have the time to let his opponents make a mistake for him to capitalize on.

In addition, his abilities often serve him well to act as one of their bodyguards, when need arises. His magical abilities still serve him incredibly well. Enough that his masters have let him learn from their house wizards in order to complement his abilities in the arena and out.

After several successful years of gracing the gladiatorial arena, he actually began to enjoy the thrill of the screaming, blood thirsty crowds, often yelling out and taunting his haters and fans alike. Many of the spectators enjoy his rantings and witty repertoire. His arrogant nature, believing he is better than everyone around him, actually serves him well among the arena crowds. Unfortunately, it serves him far worse outside of the arena, much to the frustration of his masters and sometimes teammates. In fact, most of the wounds he has obtained have come outside of the arena.

He is not a dreamer and does not think of the future, only the moment. He does not think of a time when he won’t be a slave nor dwell on the times before his enslavement. He is just living off the thrills, for his desires for fame and glory.

Current Owner:

Endarial’s master Rahotep Bakari, is an obscenely rich merchant who made his fortune through securing a monopoly on lentil trade routes between the different cities and Bedouin encampments across the vast deserts. Anyone dealing with lentils be it buying, selling, or transporting must pay tax to him. Failure to do this brings swift justice via the enforcement of Pharoah (who receives a very hefty monthly tithe from Bakari). Rahotep has a vast network of collectors that double as information gatherers – Bakari also makes a brisk trade in information.

Rahotep Bakari is seen as an honest and just merchant, with fair pricing despite his monopoly on Lentils (a major staple throughout Kaelinde). He has potential to hold vast power, but he is even-handed in his dealings and price setting. Bakari however, is also known as a cowardly man, never seen without his entourage of well-trained bodyguard-slaves – including an exotic elven swordsman with the grace of a dancer…

Endarial (John)

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